Monday, October 8, 2012

Contour faces

Art 1-This project was a continuation and finale of the modified contour drawing section that I do with my Art 1 kids.  I start them off with mcd of the hands and then move on to other objects.  The face is always daunting, especially to Art 1 kids, but after a few demos they dove right in.  They did a fantastic job and they were quite pleased with the results.  They are so different, it is hard to believe that they are from the same assignment. 
I'll be back soon with some photos from Adv. kids. 
See you soon.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When I told my Art 2 students that they were going to draw shoes they all thought I had finally lost it.  Once I assured the kids that I knew what I was doing I had them take several photos of their and family member's shoes.  I then reviewed the photos with them and we selected the best compositions.  For this assignment all students had to use colored pencils as their medium.  I stressed to them the importance of shadows and lights.  NO black allowed!  All of the shoes had to have several layers of color, even the white shoes had to have other colors blended in.  For the most part the kids did a great job and I just love looking at my wall of shoes when I walk in to my classroom every morning.
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