Thursday, March 31, 2011


Here are a few more images of some of the papier-mache insects my Art 2 students made. My camera was acting up and so I had not been able to photograph them. These bugs were made with no wire armature and were required to lift the body off the table. My kids are finally able to take them home and I must now say "good-bye" to all of the bugs that were adorning my desk.

We are now working with clay, doing your typical coil pots.

My Adv. class is creating books. My favorite project is the one my seniors are working on. More on that later. I hope you have a good weekend.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Back to school

Spring break came and went rather quickly, didn't it? I got lots done at home, had my master bathroom tiled, hard wood stairs put in and time to catch up on my own art and jewelry. Still behind, though on trying to complete jewelry orders. I was counting the weeks till summer and it seems we have about 11 weeks left of school.

With only 11 weeks left I need to carefully plan my next projects with my Adv. kids. They are now working on jewelry out of found objects, I think they will be done in about a week. I'm thinking of doing clay next, then some print making. Hopefully that will cover the last two months of school.

The following pics are a few of the papier mache projects. I'm waiting on a few more to be done, once they are done I will photograph them and post.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Collage Paintings

I love collage paintings. What are they? Well, the first step is to get students to create a collage on a small sheet of paper, either 5x7 or 8x10. I put out magazines and have them create an interesting composition. This is a great project to teach composition, by the way.
Then the collage is gridded and transferred to a larger sheet of paper. I have them make some changes to color making sure that they use their color wheels to make good color choices. They also add a few things of their own, like pattern and textures. I always do this project with my Adv. kids and have very good results. A good moral booster for kids that don't feel very capable. I am thinking of doing this project with my Art 1 right after spirng break. What? Spring Break is a week away? Yipee!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feeling Blaah!

I don't know about you but towards this time of the year I start feeling blaah. I start doubting myself as an art educator, minor things get to me more, I can't focus on lessons and I long to be in my art studio creating. I feel every moment at work just takes me away from my own art. Is it just me?
What really upsets me sometimes is the feeling that my art class is a dumping ground for kids that no one knows what to do with. How am I ever going to build up a good program when I have students (mostly male) complaining about having to draw or paint. Duh, this is an art class, what did you think we were going to do? I very rarely use text books but I'm thinking that next year I will include some book work in my Art 1 class and not try so hard to please all of my students. I shouldn't worry if not everyone cares to learn how to paint. I hate thinking this but should I only concentrate on the kids that have an interest in art? I wish I could give a more intensive art curriculum but no one around here believes in homework and God forbid we fail any one. OK, I'm done venting, sorry about that.
Well on a lighter note, we made it to state in the VASE competition this past weekend. It was such a long day on Sat. made worse by my swollen foot (I have a foot injury). We're off to Houston in April.
Pictured on top is a self-portrait piece made in the style of an artist.
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