Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of School Still Life

These pictures are of the still lifes created by my Art 1 students.  I had asked in a previous post what would be a great first day assignment for Art 1.  I wanted something that would set the tone for the rest of the year.  My Art 1 classes fill very quickly, but many of the kids that register for my class have no real interest in art.  They assume that it is an easy class and easy to pass.  When the weeks start to pass and we start to draw, many of these kids complain about drawing and painting.  They then turn their attention at talking and soon begin to fail. There are so many kids that have a true interest in my class, but can't get in because my classes are full.   Ms. Art Teacher suggested that I begin the year with a still life and some book work.  I took her advice.  After the second day of drawing the still life I gave the class a talk about needing to have a real interest in art in order to succeed.  They also need dedication and should find the act of drawing enjoyable.  After two days of drawing a few kids had a change of heart, opening up spaces for kids that had been trying to get into my class. 
For this project I gave the kids some guidelines and a couple of pointers.  They had two and a half periods (47 min. classes) to finish.  I think they did a fabulous job! Thanks Ms. Art Teacher.
I also have a few other pics to show you of my Adv. classes, but I will save those for now.


  1. These look really great. It looks like they concentrated and took their time!

  2. Yes, these look great! Glad it worked for you!


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