Friday, May 18, 2012

I just finished teaching my art 1 kids figure drawing.  I usually teach two different methods, but with only 2 weeks left, I decided to only teach one.  I believe the kids did a great job.  I especially like the creative ones. 
They are now working on paper puppets, hopefully this project will take the rest of the school year to complete.  My adv. kids are still working on clay (we are cutting it pretty short)  and my art 2 kids are making books. 
I can't believe how quickly this school year has flown.  I just hope my summer doesn't go by so fast.  I am already preparing canvases for the summer and designing some new jewelry pieces to work on.  I am hoping to sell my jewelry at various art festivals during the summer.  Oh man, I'm already planning for summer, I can't wait!

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