Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Vacations

Summer vacations began last week, but it seems that I am busier than ever.  My second oldest graduated high school on Fri. and we threw a party to celebrate.  It took a good two days to recover from the celebration.  On Mon. I took my newly graduated son to the university to get some paper work done, we spent the whole day running around. 
Today I gave a teacher workshop and attended another.  After the workshops I had to run to our central office in order to be recognized by our Super and Board of Directors for the acheivement of my student that won the Congressional Art Award (prior post).  We will be leaving to Wash. DC next week.  I'm a little nervous because I have never been to Washington DC and I will have to drive around a bit. 
As for the pictures that you are looking at,  I do this project every year at the end of the year. They are paper puppets and are created by Art 1 kids.  Everything you see is made out of paper, there are NO pen or pencil marks on the puppets. 
This is a great end of the year project and the kids enjoy making these puppets.  They get better and better every year.  I did this project when I was a middle school teacher and I remember it being a great hit with my middle school kids.
Have a safe and relaxing summer.

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  1. I'm so impressed with the variety of work you do with your students! A wonderful blog - I'll be following you with great interest!


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