Friday, September 30, 2011

OK, don't laugh

OK, don't laugh, let me explain.  Every year we are asked to decorate our doors for homecoming.  I usually grab a few students and send them to the art lab to draw something for our door.  After an hour I went to go see what they were doing and there I was... in a bikini.  Although they did me the favor of drawing me in a nice figure, I was a bit shocked to see it.  They were pretty prepared to hear me complain because they were ready with their replies. 
I had told them "Whatever you want to draw is fine by me".  Oh Lord, when will I learn.
In case you were wondering this year's theme is Las Vegas ( I have no clue why).  Sorry to say we did not win a prize this year, I guess noone was ready to see me in a bikini.

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