Saturday, October 22, 2011

Art 2 Painted Still Life

My Art 2 kids finally finished their paintings.  For this class I wanted them to experiment with their backgrounds.  I then wanted them to mix their own colors for their paintings, never taking paint straight out of the bottle.  Some of these kids had not been my students last year and had not been exposed to painting before.  I hope this project boosted their confidence. 
All of these paintings were done with acrylic.  Some of the backgrounds include:
Crayons with watercolors.
Never Dull on magazine
Shaving cream with watercolors.
Until next time.


  1. The still life paintings are amazing! You should be proud of the work your students are creating it is wonderful!!! I teach k-6 but love to see what the older students are doing as well and I am very impressed!!

  2. Great paintings by your art class kids! You must be an awesome teacher. I really like that background challenge. Now I get the lust to have art classes with my own children. Inspiration!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!


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