Monday, October 10, 2011

Pen Shading

I think I have mentioned before that I just LOVE pen drawings.  I very rarely allow students to draw with a pencil.  In my years of teaching I have only allowed one student to create a portfolio with pencil drawings.  The concept of shading with a pen is difficult to grasp, but so worth the trouble of learning it.  Some students grasp the concept quite quickly. 
Even though this piece has a few issues, I believe this adv. student did a great job with her shading.
This is the first time I have this young lady in my class, she had been with another teacher and never did any drawings!  All she did was collage and paint (with very little direction) so now she is trying desperately to create some drawings for her portfolio.  Now I just need to put her creativity together with her new found ability. 

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