Monday, December 19, 2011

The first day off for the holidays and it is pouring rain!  Darn, so much for my Christmas shopping, I guess I should do some cleaning and get some jewelry made for this week's sales.
Before I get to that I wanted to show you some of the work that was done by my kids.  The drawings above were created by my Art 2 students using oil pastels and tempera paint.    They measure 18" x 24" and took them a good two weeks to complete.  It was the perfect project right before the holidays.
Hmmmm, I think the rain is letting up, I just might be able to do some shopping today :)
Hope you are enjoying some time off as well.


  1. Great work! Your blog it’s very interesting! I’ll follow you!

  2. Nena, theese are absolutely brilliant! Can you give a bit of detail as to how the kids made these? What tools did they use for scratching off the paint? What type of paper did you use? I'd love to try these!


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