Friday, January 13, 2012

Middle School Art Exhibit

I am very fortunate to have an art gallery in my high school, unfortunately it is not used much as a gallery.  There is a system in my high school that allows teachers to use any of the facilities in our school as they see fit, kind of a first come first serve system.  The gallery has been used for a variety of things, it was once used for storage! I decided to take the gallery back and I have scheduled many activities this year.  It has kept me very busy but I hope the whole school will eventually keep their hands off the gallery. 
One activity I came up with this year was to host a middle school art exhibit.  I wrote letters and met with some middle school teachers around my area and invited them to exhibit. 
I also opened the art rooms and art lab and set up art work for a "tour" of our facilities.
I decided to make this a student led activity.  My students curated the whole thing, from hanging the work, judging and presenting the awards. 
We had a great turn out and I met some very talented young artists.  Perhaps they will be my students one day.
Enjoy your three day weekend.


  1. tebrik ederim.çalışmalar harika!

  2. You have been awarded the Liebster blog award from me!


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