Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feeling Blaah!

I don't know about you but towards this time of the year I start feeling blaah. I start doubting myself as an art educator, minor things get to me more, I can't focus on lessons and I long to be in my art studio creating. I feel every moment at work just takes me away from my own art. Is it just me?
What really upsets me sometimes is the feeling that my art class is a dumping ground for kids that no one knows what to do with. How am I ever going to build up a good program when I have students (mostly male) complaining about having to draw or paint. Duh, this is an art class, what did you think we were going to do? I very rarely use text books but I'm thinking that next year I will include some book work in my Art 1 class and not try so hard to please all of my students. I shouldn't worry if not everyone cares to learn how to paint. I hate thinking this but should I only concentrate on the kids that have an interest in art? I wish I could give a more intensive art curriculum but no one around here believes in homework and God forbid we fail any one. OK, I'm done venting, sorry about that.
Well on a lighter note, we made it to state in the VASE competition this past weekend. It was such a long day on Sat. made worse by my swollen foot (I have a foot injury). We're off to Houston in April.
Pictured on top is a self-portrait piece made in the style of an artist.


  1. I feel your pain! The lack of motivation is so counterproductive to enjoying/making art, but students don't have the perspective to understand that. It becomes a lot of hard work trying to coax student engagement, but I feel cheap when the lesson is too gimmicky, lol. My students do not get to pick their own classes and somethimes end up with 2 semesters of Art in two years without wanting to take it in the first place. Talk about behavior issues! Hang in there, summer will bring time to make art on your terms:)

  2. You're right, I can't bring myself to cheapen my art lessons, I respect my craft too much. Perhaps this is why their lack of effort is so bothersome. Let's all hang in there together.

  3. Hello, I just found your blog and I can totally understand what you were feeling. I go through those feelings many times during the year. Right now, I am feeling pretty good, as we only have 1 more week with students! So after pd and end of year wrap up, I can recharge with my own artwork! Hope you have a good end of year and summer!


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