Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How To

Here's how to create container pots using newspaper. In the previous post I posted some pictures of students creating their pots. I took a couple of pictures of the process, but I have not finished firing all of the pots, once they are done I will post the finished pictures of the finished pieces. I learned this process through a good friend of mine. Thanks Dolores!

First you create a shape using wet sheets of newspaper. I usually use a 1/2 a sheet of a page of newspaper. The kids wet the sheets using spray bottles. You "ball" up a sheet and begin adding layers. Once the students reach the size they are happy with they cover it with clay. Between a 1/4"-1/2" thick. The kids then add a handle.

Before opening, the pots should "sit" uncovered for a 20-30 minutes (preferably an hour), they make for easier handling. I usually set aside one class period for opening of the pots. The kids have to score around the pot with a wavy line. This allows for proper closing after firing. Carefully remove the top. Using pliers, students pull at the top of the newspaper.. The goal is to get to the center of the newspaper ball. Once you reach that initial "ball", the rest of the newspaper comes out easily. One warning, this project should be done quickly, the longer the newspaper stays within the pot the more prone it is to become moldy and smelly.

After removing the newspaper, smooth out the edges.

Realign the top with the bottom to ensure proper closing after firing. Add a few strips of dry newspaper in between to keep the two from sticking (not shown).
The following pictures show pots ready for glaze firing.

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  1. The containers are looking great. I really like the spheres.


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