Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My Art 1 & Art 2 students are creating mandalas. I first heard of mandalas from a friend a few years ago. I was searching for an end of year project that would allow the students to relax a bit, but still challenge them. Most important, I needed a project that would continue until the end of the year.

I did some research and learned quite a bit about mandalas. I found the information very interesting. I changed a few things to fit into the time span and the kid's technical abilities. We have been working on them for two weeks now, the pictures show the progress at the end of the first week.
I was relaxing in bed and happened on a documentary called " Lost Caves of Tibet". It was very interesting, the documentary showed cave paintings that could possibly be 500+ years old. Also in the caves were manuscripts and small offerings. The reason I'm bringing this up is because during the documentary the explorers show an abandoned temple that is being restored. Guess what was painted inside. A mandala! I can't wait to tell my students about it tomorrow.

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