Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Paper Puppets

My Art 1 students completed their paper puppets a few weeks ago and I think these are the best I've ever seen. I first saw this project with a friend of mine (thanks Elisa) and did it when I was a middle school teacher. Later, when I became a high school teacher, I decided to do this project with my new students. I wasn't sure how this project would be recieved, wouldn't you know it, it became a class favorite. I have done it every year since then and it never fails to please.The kids first look for images on the computer or can create their own characters. Once they have figured out the character they have to sketch 30 pieces into the puppet. It is hard to believe but the puppets you are looking at have no pencil or pen markings, they are constructed completely out of paper, even the fine lines are made out of paper.

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