Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chalk Art

I had our third annual Chalk Art Event at my high school and if I do say so myself, it was great. The weather had been great the whole week and the morning of the event the weather dipped into the 40's with a high of 75 late in the afternoon. I usually do this event in Feb. but I was asked by the powers that be to do it in Oct.

This time I invited a few alumni to participate and it sure was good to see them again.

One thing that bothers me every year is the lack of support from my administration. In the past three years not one (I have 5 principals) has ever gone out to view the work of the students and when they do say something it is to complain about a piece of trash left out, graffiti they want to blame on the participating students, or offensive language they heard from a window. I feel like yelling to them, "Look down, see what the students have done!!". Unfortunately none of the principals are interested in the arts, except band, of course.
Well, as I said before, the kids had a great day and we exposed the student body to art.


  1. Those are great! What kind of chalk do you use?

  2. Thanks, we use soft pastels with ordinary chalk.


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