Saturday, October 23, 2010


This particular project evolved from one idea to another. After the pen still life I give my Art 2 students a colored pencil project and I usually incorporate their faces in the mix. After the kids finished doing a skin colored portrait of themselves I had them create another portrait using different colors for the skin. This usually takes them for a loop. Once they finished that portrait I had them put the two together to create a "reflection" of sorts. They had to come up with an idea for the background that said something about themselves. The hardest part of the project is trying to get the kids to put more value in the face and to burnish a bit. They're afraid of how they will turnout, you know how it is at this age, God forbid they don't look good! By mid-year I will make them work with more layers on their faces. These are the only two that have been completed, I will post a few of the others once they are done, which should be by Monday.

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